"Thank you so much for all you have done for my daughter over the last year and a half. She has grown socially, intellectually, and is a better child for having been under your care. I especially appreciate your tolerance for her difficult behavior, but mostly I must thank you for your understanding; my daughter's world has changed so drastically in the last two years, and it takes someone very special to see the whole child, for who she is, and not just look at the behavior that would make most people seeking relief to get rid of the "problem child." Thank you for not giving up on her. The stability of a caring and nurturing facility has helped her tremendously. I would personally recommend you, your staff, and Precious Times Day Care to anyone with young children. With you, children blossom and grow into happier, brighter people. Thank you again for giving her a jump start to her education and happiness in life." -Sarina

          "We absolutely LOVE PTD! Our daughter has been there since she was old enough and misses everyone when she misses a day. We can't wait until our son is old enough to go too! The staff is wonderful and the facility is like home away from home. Can't say enough!" -Erica

          "Our twin girls have been with Argie for 2 1/2 years. They love it at Precious Times and we love sending them. They have been learning everything from manners, to math, computer skills to continents. They learn and play. They feel comfortable and self-confident. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful place." -Stefanie

          "I wanted to share with you why you want your children to attend Precious Times Day Care. Argie is a passionate, honest, caring and capable mentor/teacher who loves to see children grow and prosper in a fast-paced, fun, educational and safe environment. Argie will embrace your child and share her experience and guidance in a way that will benefit your child’s social growth and development. They will not just have fun in a nurturing environment, they will grow intellectually as she will share her expertise as an educator. Your children will benefit enormously. Argie will provide an amazing sense of security and care for your child. They will feel confident and they will feel loved and cared for as every child that Argie mentors is truly an extension of her family. She has never advertised, nor has she ever asked for anyone to support her with what she does. It’s a matter of her heart, personal pride and how much she loves the children she mentors. Her children simply excel in their life as they enter school because she has built a foundation for their success and happiness. I cannot tell you how fortunate, comfortable and pleased you will be when you place your children in Argie’s gifted hands. She is a very special person who will leave an incredible mark on your child’s life."  -Steve

          "My four year old daughter has been attending Precious Times Day Care with Argyro since 2010. Not only does Argie provide a safe, professional, environment but activities which help develop motor, cognitive, and social skills are incorporated into each day. My daughter has grown and learned tremendously because of her experiences at Precious Times Day Care. I feel complete peace of mind when my daughter is under Argie's care. She will be starting kindergarten in the fall and has attained skills to prepare her for this while in a safe, caring environment. I would gladly recommend Argie and her day care facility to anyone." -Cassandra

          "My daughter, Kayleigh has been going to Precious Times Day Care with Argie for three years. Under the tutelage of Argie she has grown leaps and bounds. Argie's constant love and devotion to the children is evident in how much my daughter has learned. Argie focuses on educating the child to ensure that they are not only prepared for later education and life but will be prepared for all the challenges they face. As an educator I prescribe to the philosophy that all children can learn but Argie has made wonders happen. At three my daughter began reading and I attribute this to Argie's dedication to children and her unique way of allowing the children to not only learn through structured lessons but discovery and play. She is always encouraging and loving toward the children in her care and supportive of them. Every day I am thankful that while I cannot be with my daughter that I know she is at Precious Times Day Care.

         Furthermore, Argie's attentiveness to creating a loving and structured environment shows not only her dedication to her work with children but is a mark of true professionalism. This shines through every day when I pick my daughter up and we review all that has happened that day. Whether my daughter has a tough day or a fabulous day Argie's attentiveness to my daughter shows. Like any mother, Argie is attentive to the needs of my child and all the children in her care. If she feels the child is having an off day Argie will ask if something precipitated the behavior. By digging deep into the issue(s) through questions and deep discussion she helps the parent and child to address the issue(s). Through her experience she not only helps the children but educates the parent. With that being said you can see Argie's love for what she does. She is always looking for new ways to educate and ensure that all the children in her care feel the love and devotion she has for her profession." -Linda

          "My daughter Julia, now 4, absolutely loved Argie, her staff, all the great friends and wonderful time she had there! Though its been a while (we had to move away unfortunately), Julia still talks and remembers Argie and wants to go back! She learned so much and her educational experience there certainly has helped prepare her for kindergarten. I wish PT daycare was close by again so my twins could attend!! We miss you Argie!!" -Nelly

          "My daughter was 3 years old when she started attending Precious Times Day Care. During her time at Precious Times, she was supplied with all the necessary tools in order to prepare her for kindergarten. She was provided with structure, discipline and a great education. When she first attended there, she was very shy and apprehensive. Because of Argie and her staff, Alyssa is now an outgoing, attentive, and well rounded little 8 year old girl. Currently, my son, Mikey started attending Precious Times. There is, in my opinion, no other day care as good as Argie's. She is reliable and knows her business. My son is 3 years old, and Precious Times is perfect for him. He has a lot of energy and is focusing so much more than before. His attention span has shown dramatic improvement and I never worry about his safety because Argie has all her bases covered. I am so happy I found Precious Times. I have nothing but great experiences. I have no doubts that Mikey will be equally prepared for kindergarten just as Alyssa was." Lori