Our Curriculum

Your child receives our personalized attention in a loving home environment.

We believe education should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and inspire the imagination.  Our professionally-planned preschool curriculum aims to teach playfully and creatively through group and individual activities. 

During our daily Circle Time, we cover the calendar and days of the week, weather, nursery rhymes, geography, alphabet, numbers, patterns, Greek, American Sign Language (ASL), and read stories.  Children discover a new theme every month, including social behavior, healthy eating, and fitness.

We explore the alphabet and the sounds of letters to develop pre-writing and pre-reading (Pre-K) skills; identify numbers, shapes, colors, and patterns to foster problem solving skills; use crafts, and both indoor and outdoor play to stimulate motor skills; and ensure fairness in general free play between children to promote self-esteem and mutual respect.

Parents receive a newsletter every month to participate in their child's learning development.

Precious Times students have departed well prepared for their elementary school educations.